The Most Interesting Thing I Found on Amazon Today

The funnest product of the day goes to Bear Paw Oven Mitts! I love the look of these things. Easily a top contender for my favorite new grill tool. Here’s the thing: regular oven mitts are fine. But I want better than fine.

I want to feel like a carnivore when I’m grilling meat. I want my hands to be three to ten times as big as they normally would be. I want to push salt and pepper around with some claws.

But that’s not the end of the story. I will probably wear these in my day to day. This is the first step in my childhood dream to become a bear.

Struggle being bullied? Not anymore! Put these bad boys on and people will be so busy laughing that they will forget what they were bullying you about. Bonus points if you wear a Chicago Cubs hat as well.

I couldn’t BEAR but pass these up. Stay tuned for more interesting products like these!

Source: Bear Paw Oven Mitts

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