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The 5 Best Websites for Finding Cheap Books

If you are an avid reader like me, you know that you need to be careful about buying books. What begins as a ten dollar investment can quickly avalanche into thousands of dollars. Instead of spending your inheritance at brick and mortar stores, your bookshelf can go much farther if you know where to look online. For those of you buying books on a budget, here is a helpful list of websites for finding cheap books online.

1. Bookfinder: doesn’t sell cheap books, but it will help you find them. This website does the searching for you. All you have to do is enter in the name of the book you’re looking for and Bookfinder will compile a list of websites selling that particular book ranked from cheapest to most expensive. In general, this website will help you find the cheapest books on the internet.

2. Addall: is a website that is very similar to Both websites will scrape the internet of a large list of book selling websites and compile them into one list ranking their prices. Bookfinder definitely has an easier user interface, but that doesn’t mean there is no place for Addall in your hunt for the cheapest book. I would recommend using both Bookfinder and Addall to cross reference the prices that you find. Every now and then, one of these websites will find cheaper books left out by the other website.

3. Thrift Books: 

Another great option for finding cheap books is This website has a huge selection of books from a wide variety of genres. If you are looking for a go-to website for finding cheap fiction books, it’s hard to beat ThriftBooks. Another perk: Free shipping on any order over $10.

4. AbeBooks: consistently surprises me. If you are in the market for rare or collectible books, you should check out AbeBooks. The website usually has some great deals on first and second editions, and has many books that are difficult to find on other websites. Besides all of that, AbeBooks has a great selection of used books at great prices.

5. Amazon: 

This wouldn’t be a real list for finding cheap books if I didn’t include the world’s largest bookseller. has just about any book you could be looking for. While it might not always be the cheapest price on the internet, you can be sure that it is close. Amazon has free shipping for Prime members, and the ability to re-sell your book on it’s website once you are finished reading. There’s a reason why Amazon is so popular. It remains a solid option for the avid reader searching for cheap books.

Better go buy some bookshelves.

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